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mahi collective | the connection between you & the Earth

Tumby Bay Eyre Peninsula


mahi collective is an Australian jewellery label that weaves cultural wonders and our Earths properties into timeless, minimal pieces to invoke your spirit and connect you to the Earth daily 


Founded by creative, yoga teacher, cultural seeker and Earth lover Brooke Abel in 2018, mahi collective jewellery has been a life time in the making.
A childhood full of early insight to the wonder of travel, silver and the world
were Brooke's loves from the very start.

After immersing herself deep in Asian culture, specifically India in 2014 to study Yoga, Brooke came across a beautiful family (whom she still works with to this day), who had an abundant of vintage silver jewels, with each piece reminiscent of a time gone by and beautifully reflecting the Earth through natural gemstones.

mahi collective

Bringing these home to share with her community, she started selling them at markets around Melbourne and being a city girl, she quickly saw the the disconnect we had from the Earth in our daily lives, and the reconnect through story and the Earth, each mahi piece instantly brought its wearer.

Brooke began designing with quality & practically in mind, and the world & Earth in heart. Mahi collective was born. Each piece is minimal in design and a reflection of inspiring places with the intent to reconnect to you the Earth, and in turn yourself, each time you wear mahi. No matter where you are from the city to sea, office to home, you will feel empowered, balanced and uplifted.
Each piece is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and natural gemstone so you can confidently wear daily.

A Melbourne born label, currently located on the dreamy Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, Brooke weaves her city roots through her jewels with minimal designs and her daily connection to the ocean as her daily inspiration to bring you mahi.

From day one, we create with the Earths connection in mind. Every order you place, $1 is donated to One Tree Planted and a tree is planted! Our packaging is 100% eco conscious and you receive a complimentary gemstone, handpicked intuitively just for you, with every order. 

I invite you to reconnect to yourself, to the source of our being and join the mahi collective community. By channeling the Earths properties, we will be the best we can for ourselves, and those around us, and find connection in our busy lives no matter where we are, mahi is for everyone.


ma-hi | translates to 'Earth' in the ancient language of Sanskrit that derives from India, a second home and place of many inspirational teachings to mahi collective founder, Brooke. Mahi collective jewellery intends to connect its wearer to the properties of the Earth through our dreamy gemstones and minimal designs that can be worn effortlessly throughout your everyday 


 Each piece of mahi collective is a joyful reminder to connect to yourself, your surroundings and enjoy each moment harmoniously.

Be sure to share your journey with us and follow @mahicollective on Instagram.

Thank you for loving the Earth with mahi collective
xx Brooke